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With A Touch of Love, we strive to put your love effortlessly back in focus. You only need to show up and enjoy the moment. In today’s life of innumerable responsibilities, we are challenged to find new and creative ways to demonstrate our adoration so that our special someone will receive the emotional energy to return the compliment. Ideally, the love we share reciprocates back and forth fueling us to continue to tirelessly manage those demanding responsibilities.

By that guiding principle, A Touch of Love provides personalized romance event planning:

  • For the one on the move with limited time to plan

  • For the one needing specialized expertise in romance planning

  • For the one who simply wants to say “Just because I love you”

  • For the couple desiring to reconnect

  • For the couple celebrating an anniversary

  • For the couple embarking on a new life together

  • For the couple who merely desire “A Touch of Love”