What type of company is A Touch of Love, LLC.?

A Touch of Love, LLC. is a Romance Consultation company that specializes in personalized romantic date nights and events for couples. We plan date nights and romance travel for individual couples, group dates, and we also host some singles social events. We are neither an escort services nor an online dating service.

What is a Romance Concierge?

A Romance Concierge is your personalized attendant that specializes in creating/designing romantic ambiance, arranging/providing meals, entertainment and accommodations for romantic events.

Why do people hire a Romance Consultant?

Individuals that hire a Romance Consultant may find that they lack the time, energy and/or expertise to plan unique romantic events themselves.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes, A Touch of Love, LLC protects the privacy of all our clients. Personal and financial information is never divulged unless under court order.

Can I cancel my event at the last minute?

It may be possible to cancel. However, cancellation policies vary among venues and vendors.  We will work with you, the venue and/or vendor to recoup fees and deposits within their policy guidelines. We cannot guarantee what, if any percentage of your fees will be returned to you.  

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, to ensure that hotel accommodations are secured and that all pre-event items and preparations are available at the time and location of your date night, a deposit is required.  Deposits vary depending on the venue and lead time.

Why do I need to reserve my event four weeks before the event date?

You do not have to. However, four weeks lead time provides the best opportunity to ensure that the date and venue you request is available. It also allows our staff the opportunity to get to know you so we may accommodate your needs to create the experience that you desire.

What is the difference between a Hotel's "Romantic Room Package" and your service?

Hotel romantic room packages are usually standard. Our services are personalized with your desired experience in mind. In addition, with our service, you will leave your hotel room with the ambiance items that are included in your package. Many of these items can be used again at your leisure.

Is the hotel room included in the package price?

Yes, when you reserve a hotel package, the base price of the location is included in the package price. However, it is subject to change based on availability and lead time of the reservation notice.

Is the location of the date nights limited to hotel rooms?

No, your event may also take place in your home. Personalizing your event may include many stages/locations before you actually reach to your desired destination. Meet with your Romance Concierge for details on Personalized Romantic Rendezvous Packages.  We also host couples massage classes, cooking classes, Paint ‘n Sip parties, and formal date nights for our group date night outings.

What areas of the home are included in the residential service?

In general, the rooms included in the package are:  one bathroom, a bedroom, and/or a dining room. Additional rooms may be added for an additional fee. Rooms may be substituted at no additional cost.

Can I remove/add items to the package?

Yes, you may. Remember this is your romantic experience. You set the tone. We create the mood.  We do not dictate what your experience must have. We simply suggest. You have the ultimate say.

What is set-up and clean-up of an event?

Set-up is when we enter the event location and create your desired atmosphere. Most of the items utilized to create your event are provided in such quantity that allows them to be used again at your leisure.  Therefore, there is no clean-up required by our staff.

How does the catering service work?

Our Cuisine Specialist has extensive experience in the preparation of delicious meals. When you speak with your Romance Concierge you will decided on a menu and if you would like to have a Professional Server present.

Can the catering be customized?

Yes. Your Romance Concierge and Caterer will work with you to ensure that you have the menu you desire.  If you would prefer a meal from your favorite restaurant, we can arrange that for you as well.  Please indicate food allergies to your Romance Concierge immediately.

Is the romantic dinner included in the package?

It varies with packages. You may purchase a package that includes a candlelight dinner.