A Touch of Love has a greater interest than merely enjoying "another" date night with your significant other. We seek to provide our clients with a "memorable experience".

To make incredible memories, we seek understanding of who you are and how you relate to each other. We inquire about your interests, likes, dislikes, passions, preferences, and priorities...  What does he/she do that still makes you blush? How did you know you wanted to make him/her a priority in your world?  ... Another tool we use to gain that understanding is the Five Love Languages Quiz®.  The Five Love Languages Quiz helps you both identify how you most effectively give and receive love. Dr. Gary Chapman discovered, in his extensive Love Language research, that most people give love in the language they most desire to receive, which is often a completely foreign Love Language than their mate. In other words, if you speak love in hugs and kisses or Physical Touch® and your mate speaks love in Acts of Service® you are not communicating well, if at all. Your personal Romance Concierge will assist you in acquiring and maintaining bilingual fluency.


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